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Some of the most frequently asked questions for Skintific Beauty

Is This Therapy Device Safe?

YES! it is completely safe. Extensive studies have proven that LED photo rejuvenation and infrared does not harm the body in any way. The light waves are safe for any age, color, or skin type.

How do I fit Light therapy into my routine?

We recommend you to use it as a part of your evening skin care regimen, 2-3 times a week after cleansing your face. Please avoid applying any products prior to starting your session. You can follow the treatment by applying serum and night cream as u

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

The LED therapy is generally very safe and suitable for all skin types. We do however recommend you to start slow with 2-5 minutes per session to test for individual tolerance. Avoid using on open sores and abrasions.

Can I Use products containing Retinoids and LED Light Therapy Together?

Yes, you can apply serum or Retinoid cream after you finish a LED Light treatment. We strongly recommend to use sunscreen as a general rule to protect your skin and avoid UV damage from sun.

Is this the device I've seen in malls?

It's very likely! As LED Light therapy is becoming popularized, you may have seen us in many malls and conventions as well.

How often should I use the product?

All our devices are clinical strength, so it's important to follow use instructions - we suggest using the device 3-4 times per week, 15 minutes per session for maximum benefit. We recommend using it with our serum because of it's collagen boosting p

Can I plug this into an ordinary wall outlet?

Absolutely! It's designed for home use and we also include a USB adapter that can be used as well.

What parts of the body can this be used?

The effects of the red light therapy are consistent regardless of the area you apply it to. You can treat the face area as well as the neck, décolleté/chest, hands, and arms. Any area really where you are noticing the signs of aging: whether it is ag

Does it include goggles?

We offer a pair of goggles with our extra strength deluxe bundle due to it being more powerful than the Advanced device. Though goggles are not required for use, some customers like to use them when treating the undereye area. The device can be used

Are there any contraindications for LED light therapy(ex: pregnancy, epilepsy, etc)?

Red and Infrared light therapy or also other known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is considered to be a safe and painless type of treatment. Having said that, below is the list of conditions that are recommended for avoiding the use of the device:

How long does it take to see skin-tightening results?

Generally, it will take 6-8 weeks to fully see the results, but you can start noticing the improvements in overall complexion in as little as a couple of weeks. We recommend being consistent and treating the problem areas at least 3 times a week for

Do I have to use the serum?

The short answer is - absolutely not. The purpose of serum is to enhance the treatment. If you feel that it is not easy for you to move the treatment head over the skin - putting a thin layer of the serum of your choice, will definitely solve that. B

Do I need to press into the skin when treating? It's pulling my skin when I try to move it in circles.

Please make light contact with the skin or simply hoover over the treatment area. You do not need to make full contact with the skin to achieve an optimum therapeutic effect.

What does each light do?

Most of our customers will use 2 main modes – Red LED and Infrared Mode. To put it simply, Red LED – is excellent at stimulating collagen and cellular repair at the very surface of the skin. Infrared light – do that as well by reaching deeper layers.

What is the irradiance of the Advanced and Deluxe LED Devices and how many milliwatts per cm2 does the Advance and Deluxe LED Device deliver?

The Advanced device range is ≈ 40 mW/cm². The deluxe device is at 130 mW/cm². The safe range for skin treatments is 10 – 200mW/cm², anything over that is recommended for deeper tissues such as muscles and joints.